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Empire Series

Empire Series

The Empire Series is part of PlayNations pre-configured Cedar Play Sets. The Empire Series offers multi-level fort options ranging from 4’, 5’ and 7’ deck heights as well as the option for an upper and lower clubhouse feel. The Empire Series offers optional wood roofing or classic vinyl canopies. Many of our swing sets have the option to include our exclusive Timber Shield coating to doubly ensure the longevity of our swing sets. All sets are built to ensure safety and confidence. The Empire Series is backed by PlayNation’s 15 year warranty which covers wood components and a 2 year warranty for all other accessories. The Empire Series is overflowing with flat-out excitement in every corner!


Height 11′, Width 21′, Depth 22′ 6″


Height 11′, Width 20′ 6″, Depth 15′

Grand Summit I

Height 13′, Width 19′, Depth 19′

Grand Summit II

Height 13′, Width 27′, Depth 19′

The Reserve

Height 13′, Width 27′ 6″, Depth 19′

The Reserve II

Height 13′, Width 27′, Depth 27′ 6′