Swing Kingdom

Introducing: Swing Kingdom!

Made in America

Premium Quality Vinyl Swing Sets, Playsets and Playhouses.

Fenceworks is excited to introduce to you Swing Kingdom an Amish operated manufacturer in the USA! Swing Kingdom has been making Premium Vinyl Swing Sets since 2000 and has proven to be a leader in the Playground world. These sets are totally customizable, and their Exclusive 3D Design center (link) allows you to sit with your children and create the perfect set for your family! Swing Kingdom is committed to using long-lasting, environmentally safe materials that you never have to maintain, sand, stain, or seal.

Some of the amazing features you get with a Swing Kingdom Set include:

  • Maintenance Free Materials
  • 100% Customizable
  • Anchors for Stability
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners that will not rust
  • Custom Finished Caps to eliminate sharp edges
  • Solid Plastic Lumber Railings that do not splinter
  • Swing Chains with Soft Rubber grips for hands
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Slides
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Corner Braces
  • Ninja Warrior Design Elements
  • Ability to add on to the set as your family grows

Color Choices!

Environmentally Friendly Playsets

Being good environmental stewards is something that Swing Kingdom commits to wholeheartedly, which is why we consider it our responsibility to take care of the world around us. Wherever possible, we use high-quality, recycled materials as part of our manufacturing process to produce environmentally friendly playgrounds.

Used Plastic Containers Becomes Playground Fun

Using recycled plastic materials to create something new that can be used for years to come is the norm for some manufacturers. Utilizing empty plastic milk jugs to form posts and decks for building playground equipment is a unique approach to helping the environment.

How can plastic containers be used to create vital structural components for swing sets?

Step 1: Milk jugs are cleaned, flattened, and placed into shredding machines that chip the plastic into small pieces.

Step 2: A heating process is used to bond together the plastic material and a coloring agent, adding color without using paint.

Step 3: A machine is used for making recycled posts for playground equipment. This machine ejects the recycled plastic into various post sizes, that are then cut to length.

Sustainability of Wood Components

Swing Kingdom’s play structures are made of Wolmanized®, natural select, outdoor wood that is encased in vinyl to provide a durable, low-maintenance structure for residential and commercial use.

Wolmanized® Wood has multiple environmental benefits:

  • Requires less energy to preserve than alternative building products.
  • Production releases no air pollutants and no wastewater.
  • The treatment extends the service life of the wood, significantly reducing the demands on forests.
  • When used as recommended, Wolmanized® wood is harmless to people, plants, and animals.

Recycled Rubber for Safe Fall Surfaces

Dirt, grass, and cement are unpleasant and unsafe surfaces to fall onto, especially for little ones. One of the safest fall surfaces to play on is rubber mulch. While it does not prevent injuries altogether, it does minimize the severity of injuries. Another appealing feature? Recycled rubber mulch is made from 100% environmentally-friendly materials. You can feel especially good about your new swing set, knowing you’re helping the environment, while also giving your child the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Did you know?

That recycling your plastic milk jugs helps immensely? A small bench uses close to 500 milk jugs and a larger play set can use more than 70,000 milk jugs. Therefore, your recycling efforts, great or small, contribute to the creation of sustainable materials. Playgrounds that are made of recycled plastic do not rust, peel, or produce splinters. Not only that, but the use of recycled materials saves landfill space, so it’s a win-win for all.