Double Towers

Double Towers

Bring style and double the fun to your backyard with our Double Tower series. A playset design with two play towers means more options for adding on the fun. Add ramps, bridges, swings, and slides for tons of ways to play.

A-7 Deluxe

27’W x 21’D x 11’H

KRC Extreme

44’W x 44’D x 16’H

KTB-2 Turbo Tower

21’W x 14’D x 13’H

RL-1 Adventure

32’W x 29’D x 13’H

RL-6 Combo Tower

27’W x 20’D x 13’H

RL-10 Cliff Lookout

32’W x 22’D x 16’H

RL-3 Sports

22’W x 20’ D x 13’ H

RL-20 Fitness Tower

32”W x 20’ D x 10’ H