Playhouse Series

Playhouse Series

A Swing Kingdom high-quality vinyl playhouse is crafted to be just like a real house. Our designs include vinyl siding, weatherwood shingles, windows with screens and shutters, and decorative doors. No finishing touch has been ignored.

C-1 Hideout

17’W x 17’D x 10’H

C-10 Hideout

25’W x 24’D x 10’H

C-2 Turbo Escape

23’W x 20’D x 10’H

C-3 Tunnel Escape

38’W x 17’D x 13’H

C-4 Hideout

22’W x 17’D x 10’H

C-5 Castle

23’W x 20’D x 10’H

C-8 Bridge Escape

32’W x 18’D x 12’H

SK-60 Cottage Escape

39’W x 24’D x 14’H