The AlleyOOP Difference

Engineered for Peace of Mind

AlleyOOP trampolines offer superior bounce without sacrificing safety. With more than 50 patent and safety innovations, it’s no wonder AlleyOOP Sports’ trampolines are a top choice for parents. See below for more reasons why AlleyOOP is the only trampoline you will want for your family.

How Does the AlleyOOP Sports® System Compare?

AlleyOOP™ Sports Trampolines

There is no other manufacturer that is ahead of the game like AlleyOOP™ Sports. They are the only advanced safety engineered trampolines in the world. With 5 separate patents and over 25 safety innovations, you will have peace of mind knowing we carry the best trampolines on the planet.

Comparisons AlleyOOp DifferenceOrdinary Trampolines
Frame Finish We start with heavy gauge steel that is specially treated inside and out. Then we apply a tough forest green powder coat finish (like you find on expensive outdoor patio furniture) for lasting beauty and durability.Standard zinc plating or spray paint is applied over lighter gauge steel.
Impact Strength In rigorous side-by-side competitive testing, our patented enclosure system was proven to be more than 3 times as strong as the nearest competitor.All other competitive enclosures failed or showed stress damage with just a few impacts!
Jumping Surface (the “Beds”)AlleyOOP’s beds are made of industry leading Permatron® Fabric, a tightly knit, UV resistant polypropylene mesh. On the DoubleBounce™ model, the two beds are interchangeable, extending the life of your system. The edges of the beds are carefully stitched, resulting in 10 complete rows of parallel stitching. Six of these rows are carefully placed below a UV shield, designed to prevent premature failure of the threads.Standard trampolines use a total of only 4 or 6 rows of stitching, with threads that are exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays. This causes the stitching to come apart and rip out prematurely.
Net Material Our enclosures are soft-to-the-touch and use an open weave pattern (ASTM-conforming, non-finger snagging). This allows you to easily view your kids at play, gives an off-balance jumper a way to catch himself, and gives a waiting jumper a place to hold on.Competitors use a lightweight fabric/shade cloth netting with a burlap-like texture. Unsightly “shade cloth” nets block out views of landscaping, and make it harder to see and supervise your children.
Net PositionWrapping our net outside the poles increases usable play space by over 15%, and provides 8 locations on the pad where kids can wait their turn, rest, or jump to safety.Nets suspended inside and away from the poles are more confining, and don’t provide a place for kids to rest safely off the jumping surface.
Net Supports“Triple-Fail-Safe” design, including super high strength support straps, is unmatched in the industry.WARNING: Competitive products are supported merely by bungee cords hooked to small "sewn-in" patches. These nets easily collapse and the connections can rip out after several impacts.
Padded PolesOur pole foam is thicker, denser, and is even covered with durable, UV resistant PVC fabric for long life. Our patented net-to-pole connections allow the foam to absorb impact forces without tearing. This increases the service life of the system.Poorly designed systems cause the pole foam to tear and fall apart after only a few impacts…maybe that’s why mass market products offer a very short 90 day warranty. Their foam is uncovered, so it deteriorates quickly from UV exposure.
Safe UseThe DoubleBounce™ system is rated for a maximum individual user weight of 250 lbs. (and 300 lbs. with a PowerBounce addition). Meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards. Recommended for children six & older.Most backyard trampolines are rated for only 200 lbs. or less, while the enclosures are often separately rated for much lower weight than the trampoline.
Safety Pad The Spring/Frame Pad is 21 ounce reinforced vinyl fabric. The forest green color blends beautifully with the landscape. It is 14 inches wide and has 1 inch of super high density, gym quality, foam padding across the entire pad surface, not just at the edge.Standard pads are usually woven nylon with sewn seams. Thin Frame/Spring Pad: Average foam thickness across pad is less than 0.65" thick, with just 1/2" foam over 65% of the pad surface.
Springs We use high tensile strength, German Cross Linked springs. Our springs are longer (8-1/2" on VaribaleBounce™ and 10” on DoubleBounce™ and Rectangular) than those found on standard backyard units, and are tapered at each end for extended life and a smoother bounce. Up to112 springs can be installed for maximum weight configuration.Ordinary round trampolines use 84 to 96 short (5.5” to 6") springs. Short springs absorb 36% less energy; they bottom-out and kick back quickly. This gives the body less time to transfer energy, causing unnecessary injuries. The bed is more unforgiving, feels harder and less springy.
Value, Safety, Peace of MindFor the price of one short family vacation, or one quality mountain bike, you can give your entire family the highest quality, and safest, play and fitness system available. It’s like a year-round vacation in your own backyard.Low-quality, mass-market trampolines and enclosures aren't worth the risk. For just pennies more per day, you can provide your kids with the safest and the best . . . a product that will last a lifetime. What's peace of mind worth?