Basketball Hoops


It’s A Slam Dunk

Bring the game to your house! Fenceworks carries Hoop Works Hoops and Proformance Hoops

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Basketball Hoop from Fenceworks!

We specialize in Glass! Professional, school, and league basketball teams play on tempered glass, which will stay crystal clear for the life of the basketball system. Tempered glass offers excellent play and rebounding, which is a great learning tool for your children.

Safety is our priority. Pole padding and board padding are free on all of our adjustable and stationary units.

We have systems that adjust down to 5 feet, the lowest in the industry! It is great for young children to gain confidence while playing, and it’s fun for older children to dunk on.

We offer only pedestal base systems. This allows you to take the system with you if you move and a less expensive option than direct bury units.

We offer professional installation on all of our hoops.

We carry only 5 gauge (Hoop Works) and 11 gauge (PROforce) one piece poles.

We use the highest quality materials. Many systems look like they are using sound materials, but knock on the pole and knock on the board! Do the same to our systems and you’ll not only see, but hear the difference.

Our warranty is the best in the industry. Compare our Limited Lifetime warranty to others.

We have been selling basketball hoops for over 20 years, we love what we do, and would love to invite you to our store to test our units. We are like a shoe store: we’ll help custom fit the right hoop for your family.

When you purchase a basketball hoop from Fenceworks, your kids will go home with a special gift from “The Guy On 41.”