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Fenceworks Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Fence and Play Equipment For Your New Home

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Fence and Play Equipment For Your New Home

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Fence and Play Equipment For Your New Home


Securing your property with a well-chosen fence offers a range of benefits, including heightened security, privacy, and an enhanced aesthetic. However, the process of selecting the right fence requires careful consideration.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the crucial factors to ponder when choosing a fence that aligns with your unique requirements.

Define Your Objectives

cedar fence in snow

Begin by identifying your specific goals for the fence. Whether you aim to create a safe space for children and pets, minimize noise disturbances, or combine aesthetics with protection, we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

For instance, chain link fences offer practical safety, while taller privacy fences effectively reduce noise. For a blend of aesthetics and protection, consider ornamental fencing such as steel or aluminum, known for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Evaluate Privacy Needs

Privacy is a top priority for many homeowners. If seclusion is essential, especially during outdoor activities, our solid vinyl fences are an excellent choice.

These panels eliminate gaps, providing complete obstruction from outside views, unlike chain link or ornamental bar fencing.

Examine Material Options

The materials used in fences impact installation and maintenance costs. Wooden fences, while classic, require periodic painting and sealing to protect against water damage.

In contrast, vinyl fencing, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offers cost-effective durability, superior impact strength, and resistance to discoloration.

Chain link fences, galvanized and vinyl-coated, are rust-resistant and recyclable, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Assess Durability

Recognize that fences are substantial investments, and durability is paramount. Chain link fences withstand various weather conditions with minimal maintenance, while our professionally crafted vinyl fences are built to last a lifetime, remaining flexible even in cold temperatures.

Consider Climate Impact

chainlink fence in snow

Climate significantly influences the lifespan of fences. Wood fences may degrade in humid conditions, while certain materials become brittle in cold temperatures.

Vinyl fences, however, remain unaffected by pressure and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for regions with extreme weather conditions.

For an Informed Decision

Rely on fencing experts to guide your decision. American Fence Company, a trusted industry leader since 1967, offers experienced technicians trained in all aspects of fence and gate installation, repair, and maintenance.

Whether you choose vinyl, wood, or ornamental fencing, our experts ensure your selected fence meets your specific requirements. Additionally, we specialize in architectural screening, automated gates, rental fencing, and drilling.

Choose Fenceworks for a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution that stands the test of time.

Choosing the Safest, and Best Outdoor Play Equipment.

Section 1: Swing Sets - Elevate Your Backyard Fun


Choosing the Right Swing Set Design

Transform your backyard into a play haven with Fenceworks' versatile range of swing sets. Explore options that not only meet your space requirements but also cater to the age and preferences of your children. Our easy-to-install and stable designs ensure a durable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Stability Matters: Ground Anchors for Security

Discover the importance of a stable foundation for your swing set. Learn about ground anchor options that provide the necessary stability, ensuring safety during playtime. Fenceworks prioritizes stability to guarantee your family's peace of mind.

Aesthetics and Durability: Customizing with Color

Explore the color options available for our swing sets to create a cohesive and visually appealing backyard. Match the design to your home's exterior, adding a touch of style to your outdoor space. At Fenceworks, we believe in blending functionality with aesthetics.

Section 2: Playground - Where Imagination Takes Flight

Creating a Safe Play Area: Ground Surface Considerations

Dive into the various ground surface options for your playground. Whether it's rubber mulch, artificial turf, or traditional wood chips, Fenceworks ensures a stable and safe foundation. Understand the importance of choosing the right ground cover for your children's well-being.

Shelter and Shade: The Benefits of a Playground Roof

Explore the advantages of adding a roof to your playground. Shield your kids from the sun's rays while allowing them to enjoy outdoor play even on hot days. Fenceworks offers playground options that prioritize safety and comfort.

Vibrant and Enjoyable: Infusing Color into Your Playground

Discover how color choices can enhance the vibrancy of your playground. Fenceworks provides a variety of color options, allowing you to create a lively and enjoyable play space for your children. Unleash your creativity in designing a playground that complements your home.

Section 3: Trampoline - Bouncing Into Healthy Living

kids playing on trampoline with basketball hoop

Maximizing Space: Choosing the Right Trampoline Size

Consider the available space in your yard when selecting a trampoline. Fenceworks offers trampolines designed for both safety and enjoyment. Learn about our ground-level access feature, reducing the risk of falls and ensuring a secure bouncing experience.

Stability and Durability: Investing in a Quality Trampoline

Explore the stability and durability features of Fenceworks' trampolines. Our designs prioritize safety while providing a fun and long-lasting addition to your backyard. Discover the easy installation process that saves you time and effort.

Personalization: Adding a Splash of Color to Your Trampoline

Customize your trampoline with a range of color options that complement your home's exterior. Fenceworks believes in offering not just a recreational item but a vibrant addition to your outdoor space. Make your trampoline a standout feature in your yard.

Section 4: Basketball Hoop - Hoops of Family Fun

basketball player in the sunset

Easy Installation: Simplifying the Process for Your Basketball Hoop

Explore the hassle-free installation process of Fenceworks' basketball hoops. Designed for stability and durability, our basketball hoops provide a secure structure for countless family games. Learn about height adjustability options for players of all ages.

Blending In: Choosing a Basketball Hoop Color

Enhance the visual appeal of your yard by selecting a basketball hoop color that complements your home.

Fenceworks offers options that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor aesthetics. Elevate your family's basketball experience with a stylish and stable hoop.

Section 5: Creating a Backyard Oasis with Fenceworks

Every Detail Considered: A Comprehensive Approach

Wrap up your journey with Fenceworks by understanding how every detail is considered in our outdoor play equipment.

From easy installation to stable designs and an array of color options, Fenceworks ensures your outdoor space becomes a haven of joy and laughter.

Beyond a Fence: Love, Laughter, and Endless Possibilities

Discover how Fenceworks goes beyond providing outdoor equipment, creating an extension of your home filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities. Craft cherished memories with your family in a backyard oasis designed by "The Guy on 41."


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