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Fenceworks Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom


Premium Quality Vinyl Swing Sets, Playsets and Playhouses.

Fenceworks is thrilled to introduce Swing Kingdom, an Amish-operated manufacturer based in the USA, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to producing top-quality Premium Vinyl Swing Sets. Since their establishment in 2000, Swing Kingdom has consistently demonstrated leadership in the playground industry, setting the bar for innovation, safety, and durability.

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Swing Kingdom Playsets

  1. Safety First: Swing Kingdom prioritizes safety in its designs, ensuring that all playsets meet or exceed industry safety standards. They use durable materials and secure construction methods to provide a safe play environment for children.
  2. Variety of Options: Swing Kingdom offers a wide range of playset models, each with its own unique features and configurations. This variety allows you to choose a playset that best suits your children's ages, interests, and the available space in your backyard.
  3. Premium Materials: Swing Kingdom constructs its playsets using premium materials, such as vinyl-coated lumber and stainless steel hardware. These materials are designed to withstand the elements and resist wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the playset.

High-Quality Playsets

  • Swing Chains with Soft Rubber grips for hands
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Slides
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Corner Braces
  • Ninja Warrior Design Elements
  • Ability to add on to the set as your family grows
  • Exciting Play Accessories
  • UV-Resistant Vinyl
  • Sturdy Climbing Features
  • Endless Adventures

Environmentally Friendly Playsets

Being good environmental stewards is something that Swing Kingdom commits to wholeheartedly, which is why we consider it our responsibility to take care of the world around us. Wherever possible, we use high-quality, recycled materials as part of our manufacturing process to produce environmentally friendly playgrounds.

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