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Trampoline BounceBoard Extreme

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Just strap this board to your feet and start jumping. Practice different sports tricks or even invent new ones! The JumpSport® BounceBoard Extreme is designed for kids 10-18 years old, but older “kids” will love the BounceBoard Extreme too.

The JumpSport® BounceBoard Extreme is the softer choice to practice snowboard and wakeboard tricks. This is an exciting new accessory for backyard trampolines and water trampolines. Catch Air! The BounceBoard Extreme won’t damage the trampoline or any other resilient structure it is used on.

BounceBoard Extreme This trampoline wakeboard from JumpSport® is one the most innovative and fun trampoline accessories on the market, designed to get kids and youth excited about movement, exercise and outdoor adventure. Kids can catch air with this trampoline bounce board, trying tricks and practicing for snowboarding or skateboarding. If you have a snowboarding fan who gets bored out of season, this is a perfect idea for them to keep their skills in shape. JumpSport®’s trampoline snowboard is also great for skateboarders, as well as anyone learning how to snowboard or skateboard. If you’ve had a trampoline for a while and want to try something new, this accessory adds some adventure and new moves to the rebound experience. 

Quality Construction for Airborne Fun The board is made from quality closed-cell polyethylene foam, which is flexible, soft, and durable for high performance. Rugged Velcro®-like closures keep feet in place and are adjustable, so everyone can give the board a try with peace of mind. A fabric bottom with a slip-resistant texture reduces the risk of injury and improves performance. This board is large, making it ideal for individuals of different sizes and athletes interested in grab tricks. Advanced jumpers will love this accessory, which won’t damage the trampoline but will offer a new way to bounce and get in the air. This waterproof board is light — at only four pounds — making it versatile for a number of moves.

The BounceBoard Extreme takes trampolines to a whole new level. While it’s fun to rebound, adding this accessory gives kids a chance to challenge themselves, build confidence and emotional intelligence and develop their balance and coordination — not to mention, it adds a new dose of excitement to rebounding.

Encourage Active Play This wakeboard from JumpSport® encourages active play, as well as physical and emotional development for kids. It’s easy for children to stay outside and play for hours when they have this innovative board. It’s so versatile that kids of different ages and abilities can have fun getting air with this board on a trampoline. 

Waterproof Adjustable foot straps with heavy duty Velcro®-like closures Durable, Soft, Flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam board construction Slip resistant fabric bottom Large 34″ x 12″ x 2″ board size. Great for grab tricks! Weighs 4 lbs.

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