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Trampoline Game and Party Pack

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Fun & Safe Trampoline Games: Explore a range of entertaining trampoline games that foster active learning and help children develop stamina, balance, coordination, and agility.

Illustrated Book of Games: Dive into a collection of over 20 creative game ideas designed for multiple players to enjoy. Each game is outlined in an easy-to-follow illustrated book.

Comprehensive Set: The Trampoline Game and Party Pack includes 3 squishy balls (colors may vary), 4 shock cords, sidewalk chalk, and more for endless fun.

Learn Safe Team Play: Enhance safety awareness and teamwork skills while playing with shock cords specifically designed for use with JumpSport and AlleyOOP products, connecting securely to safety enclosure poles.

Special Adapter Kit (Elite/SkyBounce): For installations on trampolines with finer mesh netting, the special adapter kit included in the Elite/SkyBounce option ensures compatibility and safe play.

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