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Fenceworks Trampolines


What Sets AlleyOOP Sports Apart From The Rest?

Patented Safety Technology
  • DoubleBounce™ design creates a Shock Absorption Zone= 50% more forgiving
  • Significantly enhanced perimeter Bounce Performance
  • Spring design offers a Better, Safer Bounce that Reduces stress on the body
  • Over 50 patent and safety innovations
Triple-Safe™ Fall Protection
  • High Strength Top Strap Tested to 3500lbs
  • Net Wraps OUTSIDE Poles- Provides 25% more Play Space
  • Foam-Cushioned Steel Poles Engineered to Flex on Impact
  • UV and Impact Testing Results: 4X More Durable, 5X Stronger
Un-Forgettable™ Doorway
  • Patented Overlapping Entry
  • 360 degrees of Seamless Protection
  • Nothing to tie or zip so kids can’t forget to close
Exclusive Rest Zones

Kids can finally rest or wait their turn safely- Off the jumping surface, but securely inside the enclosure!

Built For Life
  • Beautiful Forest Green Color blends into landscaping
  • Competition Grade, High Tensile, Extra-Stretch™ Springs
  • Heavily Reinforced Vinyl Pad with New Pass –Thru Coupling System
  • Sure-Lock design prevents Frame twisting
  • Lifetime warranty: Galvanized, Power-Coated Frame
PowerBounce™ Performance Option
  • Dual Spring assembly significantly boosts performance
  • Triple-Staged power arm = Three adjustable performance settings
  • Elevates performance spectrum; Great for athletic or larger jumpers.

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